Kitchen Herbs Grow Your Own Eco kit, Grow 3 Popular Herb Varieties from Seed, Includes Metal Chalk Board Planter



Grow your own fresh herbs with this superb Eco grow kit.

  • GROW YOUR OWN INDOOR HERB GARDEN It couldn't be simpler – This kit has everything contained within it that you need to start growing your very Own herbs, Straight away! Everything this great kit contains are packed into a lovely pronto seed branded gift box
  • INCLUDED ARE 3 SACHETS OF GORGEOUS SEED SPECIES - parsley, basil and chives.
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA -This unique but simple gift, is presented beautifully. It's not just for the gardening lover. Our easy to understand instruction booklet, helps make this the perfect gift, for even a novice.
  • UNIQUE GARDENING GIFT IDEA -This thoughtful unusual but surprising gift, is presented beautifully. It's not just for the gardening lover, Nor are green fingers required. Our easy to understand step by step instruction tips, make this the perfect gift, for even a novice.
  • OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR MONEY - Our gorgeous kit is packed full with enough supplies for growing 3 Different Varieties. Containing a metal reusable planter, A Bag of nutrient rich compost soil, a recyclable 6 cell seed starting pot, 3 sachets of seed varieties, instruction guide with easy to follow herb growing & sowing steps.
  • this kit contains everything you need for successful growing. 3 x packets of herb seeds. 1 x bag of peat (growing medium). 6 x recycled plastic fold out pots. 1 x recycled plastic drip tray. 1 x instruction booklet.
  • Everyone loves the fresh tastes of herbs and with this fantastic kit we give you the chance to grow your own fresh herbs to make you favourite dishes.
  • All the varieties within the kit are easy to grow and will provide a bountiful harvest. Simply start the seeds off in the 6 cell fold out stadium Eco planters. and transplant the seedlings into THE metal planter once they are large enough to handle.
  • The kit contains everything you need to get started and there is enough seed within the kit for it to be used for multiple sewing.