Vibrant and Wacky Vegetable Eco Grow Kit 100% Recyclable 5 Varieties to Grow from Seed Made with 100% Recyclable Materials



Grow your own fresh funky vegetables ingredients with this superb Eco grow kit.

  • everything you need to grow 5 varieties of vibrant wacky colourful vegetables all in one gift box
  • plenty of seeds for several attempts green fingers not essential kits have been designed with beginners in mind
  • seed varieties include- radish blush mixture, carrot purple haze, tomato tigerella, pepper chocolate, chilli Anaheim.
  • makes a great gift why not check out our other kits by pronto seeds
  • full instructions available downloadable to your smartphone/tablet via a scannable QR code

Who doesn’t love the taste of fresh vegetables with this fantastic seed starter kit we give you the chance to grow your own wacky colourful vegetables. from seed in the comfort of your own home. Grow your own fresh produce, 


This Eco-kit is 100% recyclable. We want to help reduce waste from our products and so we only use only 100% recycled plastics, which are also reusable.

We really thought hard about how our kits can be sustainable and be in harmony with the environment whilst being durable enough to do the job in hand and give great results.

"A collection of interesting and popular seeds."

Each kit contains everything you need to grow your own flowers, vegetables and bonsai from seed. We provide 5 seed varieties in each kit. Some are easy to grow and some will be a challenge, but each kit contains detailed instructions on sowing and growing your chosen collection. Enough seed to sow several times.*

*You will need to add some extra growing medium to sow seeds after the first time.