Botanical Bonsai - Customer Reviews and Growing Tips

Whilst we try to give you the best instructions and tips on our growing kits, we also understand the importance of authentic customer reviews and experiences, and appreciate how reviews can assist not only in the pre-purchase experience but also post purchase. When we first started our store, we began on Etsy, Amazon and eBay resulting in hundreds of reviews sitting on these external sites. We have collated the best tips and images from across our online stores to help you see what other planters think of their kits and what advice they give to other future planters.

Below are our top 10 reviews on our Bonsai Eco Grow Kit.


Great little kit!

Amazon Customer - Jun 20, 2021

β€œVery impressed with this kit! I have 8 very healthily little seedlings (mostly pine) which have now been re-potted. I have yet to plant the Juniper or Larch yet also as they are 10 weeks into wintering as per the instructions. So overall, very happy with the outcome.

Be patient, it was a few weeks until the first shoots appeared. Some of them saw no growth until close to 5 weeks in. Keep patient, keep watering and you will see growth. I re-potted when the plants were a few cm's high into a specialist bonsai soil. They are all now outside and have had a sprinkling of fertiliser and are going from strength to strength. I can't wait to plant the rest in a couple of weeks.

Overall, a really satisfying little project and great value for money.”

Customer image of eight plant pots with growing Bonsai shoots


Follow instructions and they will grow, worth buying

Karina - Aug 16, 2020 - Amazon

β€œIt is easy to follow instructions. If you do then you get the result you want. I planted two seeds in each and the result is in the pic - most of them grew! Literally re-potted them today. Really happy with this purchase - my lockdown and post lockdown activity πŸ‘πŸ»β€

Customer photo of six plant pots growing Bonsai


Absolutely fantastic if you follow the guide included!

Aleece - Sep 03, 2020 - Amazon

β€œThis kit is great, I managed to grow 4 Redbuds, 4 Pines and 1 Sweetgum. I planted these in March and it only took 2-3 weeks to see signs of germination. I forgot about the Larch and Juniper seeds but currently have them in the fridge to 'stimulate a winter'. Would recommend, but you do need to follow the guide i.e using sandpaper to soften the seed + soaking in water if needed. They also need to be left on a sunny windowsill or else they will not grow! water often (everyday with a teaspoon) as they pots are tiny they dry out quickly. The pics included; signs of germination/ plants 5 months later. Good luck :)”

Bonsai seedlingsΒ Β Pine bonsai plant in brown potΒ Juniper bonsai plant in brown potΒ Β Bonsai plant in brown potΒ 


If they’re not growing you’re doing it wrong

Josh - May 23 2020 - Amazon

β€œGreat product, not for impatient people. 3 months later and I have two redbuds growing very well along with two pine. Sweet gum germinated then died quickly, the others are germinating in the fridge as per instructions Loads of sunlight is important as well as regular watering. Currently on my second pack and I’ve already got two shooters after a couple of weeks, one of which being sweet gum.”

Bonsai seedlings growing in a Pronto Seed Eco Grow KitΒ Pine bonsai plant in yellow potΒ Bonsai plant in brown pot


Reasonable yield so far with 6 sprouts across 4 species

Amazon Customer - Jan 13, 2021

β€œ3 pine, 1 redbud , 1 larch and one juniper seeds have sprouted scince planting them end of November 2020, (it's now 13/01/2021) I put about half the seeds in the dirt immediately and half in the fridge.

My room mate threw away the fridge ones by mistake so no idea how well the fridge method worked for faking a winter period.

I planted two of each seeds in each container and left them next to a cold window in a non heated room over last month and that seemed to do the trick.

The juniper seed has just sprouted so be patient with these and keep the soil damp but not soaking. Will check back in another few months with an update.”

bonsai seedlings grwoing in a Pronto Seed Eco Grow KitΒ Five bonsai plants in five brown pots


Cute & good value

Rachel - 20 Sep 2020- Amazon

β€œThis is a really nice little kit. Contains everything you require, got loads more seeds than expected & it’s a good set up with the plastic β€˜pots’ and the cardboard base to hold them all. This is great value for money compared to other sets. Had it two months, only 3 seeds germinated, a pine which died after a few weeks & 2 redbuds that are doing great! These were ones I put in my own soil (cactus mix, added perlite) I wasn’t expecting much at all so I’m fine with just the 2 successes (plus I still have the 2 seed types that you have to put in the fridge, I’ll get round to that eventually) I’ve just re-potted my 2 surviving saplings so hopefully they will keep growing. At this price it was worth a go & I’m glad I tried it 😊 would make a cute gift.”

Bonsai plant in brown potΒ Two bonsai plants in two black pots


Great kit

Amazon Customer - Mar 20, 2021

β€œHard to grow. Took 3 weeks for the pine to appear and 4 weeks for the redbud. Sweet gum didn't take but plenty of seeds left over to try again. Very rewarding results and a very well put together kit. 5 stars.”


Bonsai growing station

NeilΒ  – Jul 4, 2021 – Amazon

β€œI am a novice Bonsai grower. But saw this on Amazon & thought I would give it a try. The kit was delivered in good time & it was well packaged. It was very easy to put together & to sow the seeds. All the instructions were in very good English & easy to follow. I have a heat lamp above my seedlings to help them germinate. I would defiantly recommend this company, and will be purchasing more from them in the not too distant future.”


Excellent value for the price

Shokurei - 29 Feb 2020 - AmazonΒ 

β€œArrived on time and well packaged. Ingenious way to supply the small plant pots and coir! Five types of seed included with only the Larch and Juniper needing storing in the fridge for 12 weeks. This is needed to simulate Winter for the seeds. All others can be grown immediately. It is usual when growing tree seeds that not all germinate so expect some failures. It was February when I received the seeds so I’m not expecting anything for a month or two. I will update this review then.”


Look nice as a gift - Quite interesting challenge - Finger crossed

Christine - Β May 15, 2020 - Amazon

β€œWell packed, and tiny. It’s absolutely good as a gift. I have at least 6-8 seeds per pack, enough to try 2 batches. The β€œpots” looked cute once they were formed. I like the idea of having different conditions of germination, hence it would be an interesting challenge. My two β€œwinter” plants are in fridge now, and one is in warm water. When I dropped the seeds into water, there was a bubble out, suggesting they are alive seeds, so finger crossed.

Update: After 2 weeks my seeds started to germinate. So happy! So far I’ll have 5 trees: 1 larch, 2 sweet gums and 2 pines.

About the larch, actually I just left the seeds in fridge for few days then soil, but one seed still germinated. I guess the key thing here is they need somewhere warm and sunny to germinate. So good luck to everyone!

Update 2: After about 10 months, I have 3 plants left: 1 pine, 1 larch and 1 sweet gum. They are in pots now. They all survive over the freezing winter with snow of several days. Fingers crossed!”


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