What pot size do I transfer the seedlings too?

A pot 2-3 times larger than your seedlings current pot. This is so the roots can have room to grow. Terracotta pots are ideal as they are cheap and can be used over and over again but if you want to be eco-friendly, you could transplant seedlings into peat or biodegradable pot. These types of pots will start to degrade down when planted into the garden or into a larger pot, feeding the plant and also protecting the roots from becoming damaged during yet another transplant.

What compost do I use when transplanting the seedlings?

Any standard compost or potting soil is fine. The compost must be fine so break up any lumps and clumps. Fertiliser can be added to give extra nutrients to your seedlings but this is optional and you should always follow the directions on the product.

Why do I have 5 coir discs and 10 pots?

The coir discs expand when water is added so there is enough coir in the kit to fill the ten pots. Follow the instructions included in the kit in the getting started section.

When and how often should I water the seedlings?

Once the seeds have been sown you may not need to water the seeds for a few days. The best way to see if they need water is to touch the coir. If it feels damp to the touch then they will not need watering. If the coir feels slightly dry, mist over with a water spray or gently add water taking care not to overwater.

What is the best location for the stadium?

The stadium should be placed in a warm location where there is natural sunlight. A windowsill is ideal but if the sun is particularly strong you may find the coir dries out quicker so keep an eye on the kit and water as needed.

How many seeds should I sow in each pot?

We would recommend sowing no more than 2 seeds to a pot as it will be much easier to transplant the seedlings once large enough to handle. The stadium can be re-used and there are more than enough seeds in the kit to make multiple sowings. Some seeds are very small so take care when opening the seed sachet and sowing them into the individual cells.


How long will it take for my item to arrive?

All orders are packed and shipped from the UK within 48 hours of ordering. Delivery takes between 2-3 business days.

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