Get the most out of your seed bombs

Sprout Colours and Life with Pronto Seed's New Seed Bombs!

Introduction: Welcome to the world of effortless gardening with Pronto Seed's new Seed Bombs. Say goodbye to tedious planting and hello to an explosion of vibrant colours and flourishing flora! In this blog post, we will explore the three exciting types of Seed Bombs available from Pronto Seed: Rainbow Garden, Nectar Rich, and Pollinator Garden. Discover what they are, where they can be sown, and the best time to sow them to create your very own botanical paradise.

  1. Rainbow Garden Seed Bombs: Unleash a spectrum of hues with the Rainbow Garden Seed Bombs. Bursting with a variety of wildflower seeds, these bombs promise a kaleidoscope of colour that will transform any space into a captivating floral display. Perfect for urban gardens, city parks, or even a vacant lot, these Seed Bombs are designed to bring beauty and life to unexpected places.

Where to Sow: Choose areas with ample sunlight, such as flower beds, borders, or open fields. Embrace the creative spirit of guerrilla gardening by sowing them in abandoned areas or neglected spaces that could use a vibrant makeover.

Best Time to Sow: For optimal results, sow the Rainbow Garden Seed Bombs in early spring or early fall when the soil is moist and temperatures are mild. This will provide the seeds with ideal conditions for germination and growth.

  1. Nectar Rich Seed Bombs: Invite a symphony of buzzing bees, fluttering butterflies, and enchanting hummingbirds with the Nectar Rich Seed Bombs. Packed with a blend of nectar-producing flowers, these bombs create a haven for pollinators, supporting biodiversity and contributing to the overall health of our ecosystem.

Where to Sow: Select areas that provide shelter, such as meadows, gardens, or alongside hedges. Consider adding these bombs to balcony planters or window boxes to attract pollinators to your urban oasis.

Best Time to Sow: Sow the Nectar Rich Seed Bombs in early spring or late summer, ensuring that the seeds have ample time to establish themselves before the prime blooming season. This will guarantee a delightful display of flowers that will keep pollinators coming back for more.

  1. Pollinator Garden Seed Bombs: Bring together the best of both worlds with the Pollinator Garden Seed Bombs. Combining a diverse mix of wildflowers and herbs, these bombs not only attract pollinators but also offer an added bonus of fresh, fragrant herbs for your culinary adventures.

Where to Sow: Choose a sunny spot in your garden, backyard, or any space where you envision a pollinator-friendly haven. These Seed Bombs are ideal for creating dedicated pollinator patches, which provide a source of food and shelter for beneficial insects.

Best Time to Sow: Sow the Pollinator Garden Seed Bombs in early spring or early fall, as this will give the seeds ample time to establish themselves and create a thriving habitat for pollinators. Ensure the soil is well-prepared and weed-free to provide the best growing environment.

Pronto Seed's new Seed Bombs open up a world of possibilities for effortless gardening and environmental stewardship. Whether you desire a burst of vibrant colours, a haven for pollinators, or a combination of both, these Seed Bombs offer an easy and effective solution. Remember to sow them in the appropriate locations and at the optimal time to ensure successful germination and a thriving garden. Get ready to witness the transformation of your surroundings into a blooming paradise, filled with life, colour, and the delightful buzz of pollinators.

Grab a box of seed bombs to embark on your gardening adventure!