Preparing your Lawn for the Winter months ❄️

Autumn is the perfect time to revitalise your garden after a hot summer, as well as prep the lawn ready for the harsh winter months. Ensuring your lawn is fit and healthy before the cold snap hits will help to prevent damage and provide a boost of strength for the colder months. The team at Pronto Seed have some hot tips to help you prepare your lawn for the cold weather ahead!

Keep it clean and remove the nasties

On a dry day, rejuvenate your lawn by getting rid of any unwanted debris. Dig out weeds, remove branches or lower hedges and clear any moss or algae. Make the most of any dry days throughout Autumn and rake the lawn to keep it free of leaves. A build-up of leaves on a lawn can prevent it from getting much-needed sunlight and can result in damp, weakened grass and dead patches. Dead leaves left around plants can also encourage snail and slugs to your garden. Don’t forget to clear your pathways too to prevent any slippery surfaces!

If you are unsure on what to do with your dead leaves, you could put them in a compost bin or use them to create your own organic mulch!

Fix & Repair

There’s no doubt your lawn has probably copped some wear and tear over summer with rounds of hide and seek, paddling pools and summer BBQs! Now is the time to fix up those bald and bare patches to prevent large muddy areas that can develop from rain, sleet, frost and snow. Leaving dead patches of grass leading into winter will only result in soggy areas and unwanted puddles. We recommend our Speedy Seed™ Original Grass Seed Shaker 

To see reviews and results, visit out latest blog post on our fast working Speedy Seed!


Aerate & Drain

Aerating your grass helps to improve drainage, especially in heavy traffic areas such as play areas that become very compacted. Aerating can be done by pushing a garden fork into the lawn to make deep holes across your garden to make air channels. This ensures any rain can penetrate to the roots instead of sitting on the surface creating puddles.

Feed & Fertilise

Once you have aerated, be sure to feed your lawn with Autumn fertiliser to top up those nutrients ready for winter. Autumn fertiliser is recommended as it contains specialised ingredients to keep grass healthy in colder environments. 

Avoid the frost

As the frost creeps in, avoid walking on your lawn. Stepping on a frosted lawn can damage the grass and create unwanted muddy patches.


We hope these tips help to keep your lawn in good condition throughout Winter. Did we miss anything? Do you have any hot tips for maintaining a healthy lawn during Autumn and Winter? We would love to hear from you!

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