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Bee Friends Eco Friendly Seed Bombs 3 Pack


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A fun & easy way to sow seeds whilst protecting from pests and drought!

3 easy steps…. Scatter, Water, Bloom



Firstly, we must prepare the area we want the final flower display.

Choose a nice sunny spot in the garden, maybe in garden borders, in front of garden fences, or even in large patio planters.

Remove any stones, weeds, and debris from the soil.


Simply scatter the seed bombs across your chosen area, either one by one for a neater display or several at a time for a more natural scattered display. Seed bombs can be slightly pressed into the ground to help contact with the soil.

  1. WATER

Once the seed bombs are scattered across the ground, all that is left to is water them well and they will do the rest!


The seed filled bombs will naturally degrade and disperse into the ground and the seedlings will find their way to establish roots and grow all summer long!

Extra Information


  • WATER – water the ground regularly to ensure the seeds or plants do not dry out.
  • SUNLIGHT – when choosing a position in the garden, opt for a sunny, sheltered spot when your flowers will thrive.
  • WARMTH – seeds will not germinate in cold temperatures, so wait until the weather becomes warmer in late spring to so flower seeds direct outdoors.


Although you need to wait until all risk of frost has gone, and the weather has become warmer, you will get the best flower display the earlier you sow your seeds.

All flower seeds have different germination and growth rates so if you sow your seeds from late March up until May, you will begin to see flowers in early summer.

The later in the season you sow your seeds, then the later your flowers will emerge.

You can sow seed bombs in large patio containers, but you will only need 2 or 3 bombs to fill your containers.

If you over-crowd an area with seeds, they will fight against each other, and you will only see the same, stronger flowers appearing. If this happens, you can thin out the seedlings to let the others have a chance to grow.

Leave your flower display to die-back naturally, this way other animals such as birds can take advantage of the spent flowers – for food and shelter. Some flowers will return next year, but for best results, sow fresh wildflower seed mixtures each spring.

Remember that seeds take some time to germinate, so don’t be disheartened if it takes longer than you were expecting. Also, seedlings will emerge first, which will just be green for several weeks in some cases, flowers will eventually emerge and grow, so it’s important to have a little patience when growing from seed.



  • It is best to sow your seeds as soon as possible after purchase. Store in a cool, dry place.

(Always check the sow by date on the back / base of packaging.)

  • As with all ornamental flowers, do not eat any flowers within this mixture.
  • Seeds can be eaten by birds, so if you have a lot of birds where you live, you might want to protect the freshly sown seeds with netting.


Environmentally Conscious

As a company we are very conscious of the impact packaging and transport have on the environment and how it can contribute to overall pollution. So, when we got the opportunity to start up Pronto Seed, we wanted to make products that are sustainable, purposeful and close to nature.


Sustainable Gardening

At Pronto Seed we believe growing your own produce, plants and flowers is one of the most rewarding and satisfying activities you can do. We hope to offer people a starting point with our products that will encourage future generations to grow their own.


Beginner & Child Friendly

We try to set out all our grow kits so they are perfect for expert, beginners and children alike. We want to encourage families to have fun growing their own plants together.

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Bee Friends Eco Friendly Seed Bombs 3 Pack

Bee Friends Eco Friendly Seed Bombs 3 Pack