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Flower Seeds Pack 24 Varieties with Over 3100 Seeds


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Introducing the Pronto Seed Bumper Flower Seed Pack, your ultimate solution for flower seeds! Explore our 4 collections, each offering 24 premium varieties, specially curated for growing and cultivating fresh garden flowers. Experience the joy of nurturing vibrant blooms right in your own backyard or even on your balcony or window sill. Our carefully selected seeds guarantee a stunning display, while some varieties thrive in limited spaces. Elevate your garden with our high-quality flower seeds and start creating your own floral paradise today!

  • Baskets & Containers Collection: Alyssum, Lobelia, Marigold, Nasturtium, Petunia and Pansy 1200 seeds approx.
  • Butterfly & Bee Collection:  Stock, Foxglove, Lavender, Agastache, Echinops and Forget me not 1250 seeds approx.
  • Easy Grow Collection: Candytuft, Poppy, Cornflower, Morning glory, Nigella and Sunflower 300 seeds approx.
  • Sweet Pea Collection: B'jou mix, Royal blue, Royal white, Royal maroon and Striped mix seeds approx.


    Environmentally Conscious

    As a company we are very conscious of the impact packaging and transport have on the environment and how it can contribute to overall pollution. So, when we got the opportunity to start up Pronto Seed, we wanted to make products that are sustainable, purposeful and close to nature.


    Sustainable Gardening

    At Pronto Seed we believe growing your own produce, plants and flowers is one of the most rewarding and satisfying activities you can do. We hope to offer people a starting point with our products that will encourage future generations to grow their own.


    Beginner & Child Friendly

    We try to set out all our grow kits so they are perfect for expert, beginners and children alike. We want to encourage families to have fun growing their own plants together.

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    Flower Seeds Pack 24 Varieties with Over 3100 Seeds

    Flower Seeds Pack 24 Varieties with Over 3100 Seeds