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Herb Seeds Pack


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Experience the Joy of Growing Your Own Herbs with Our Seed Bumper Pack

Indulge your senses in a world of fragrance and flavour with our irresistible herb seed bumper pack, comprising 24 delightful varieties. Elevate your culinary creations to new heights by cultivating your very own herb garden at home.

Unleash your culinary creativity with our carefully curated pack, which includes four sets of diverse herb collections, each designed to cater to your every flavor need. Discover the unmatched satisfaction of growing your own produce and enjoy the freshest herbs straight from your garden.

Inside our bumper pack, you'll find the following seed packs:

  1. The Mediterranean Collection: Transport your taste buds to the sun-kissed shores of Southern Europe with this selection of beloved Mediterranean herbs. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavours of Basil Sweet Genovese, Lemon Balm, Oregano, Parsley Italian Giant, Rosemary, and Wild Marjoram. Approx. 750 seeds, allowing you to create a flourishing kitchen garden.

  2. The Garden Collection: Infuse your garden with vibrant colors and delightful aromas using this assortment of flowering garden herbs. Enhance your space with Borage, Chamomile, Chives, Fennel, Lavender, and Spearmint. Approx. 680 seeds, ideal for cultivating a charming windowsill or patio herb garden.

  3. The Classic Collection: Expand your kitchen herb collection with this selection of timeless favorites, ensuring fresh flavors all year round. Elevate your dishes with Cress Curled, Dill, Leaf Celery, Parsley Moss Curled, Sage, and Thyme. Approx. 680 seeds, perfect for your windowsill or patio herb garden.

  4. The Aromatic Collection: Embark on a journey of aromatic delights with this assortment of globally inspired herbs, infusing everyday dishes with fragrant spice. Delight in the flavors of Coriander, Cumin, Garlic Chives, Mizuna, Rocket Salad, and Basil. Approx. 570 seeds, guaranteeing herbs brimming with flavor and zest.

Unlock the joys of growing your own herbs and embrace a world of incredible taste. Start your herb gardening adventure today with our tantalizing seed bumper pack!


Environmentally Conscious

As a company we are very conscious of the impact packaging and transport have on the environment and how it can contribute to overall pollution. So, when we got the opportunity to start up Pronto Seed, we wanted to make products that are sustainable, purposeful and close to nature.


Sustainable Gardening

At Pronto Seed we believe growing your own produce, plants and flowers is one of the most rewarding and satisfying activities you can do. We hope to offer people a starting point with our products that will encourage future generations to grow their own.


Beginner & Child Friendly

We try to set out all our grow kits so they are perfect for expert, beginners and children alike. We want to encourage families to have fun growing their own plants together.

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Herb Seeds Pack

Herb Seeds Pack