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Plush Lawn Grass Seed & Lawn Conditioning Mixture 1.2kg Coverage 17m2


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Introducing Plush Lawn Grass Conditioner - Your Secret to a Lush, Pet, and Child-Friendly Lawn!

Say Goodbye to Patchy Lawns: Experience the beauty of a patch-free, lush lawn with our Plush Lawn Grass Conditioner. This organic lawn fertiliser is designed to work wonders on your lawn, eliminating moss, weeds, daisies, and dandelions, leaving you with a fresh-looking, healthy outdoor paradise.

A Unique Blend for Exceptional Results: Our Plush Lawn Grass Conditioner combines the power of premium grass seed and organic fertiliser in a convenient shaker box. This easy-to-use product delivers fantastic results within just 7-10 days, providing you with a lawn that will leave your neighbours in awe.

Child and Pet Friendly: At Plush Lawn, we prioritize safety. Our Grass Conditioner is entirely child and pet-friendly, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your beautiful lawn.

Eco-Friendly and Responsible: We care about the environment as much as we care about your lawn. The shaker box is 100% eco-friendly, made with FSC and Recycled board. Choosing Plush Lawn Grass Conditioner means opting for a quality product without harming the environment.

Seasonal Recommendation: For optimal results, we recommend sowing the Plush Lawn Grass Conditioner from March to October. Just shake the box, rake the area, water, and watch your lawn flourish!

Why Choose Plush Lawn Grass Conditioner?

Eliminates Moss, Weeds, Daisies & Dandelions

Quick Results in 7-10 Days

Child and Pet-Friendly Formula

Eco-Friendly Shaker Box

Easy Application - Just Shake, Rake & Water

Unlock the Beauty of Your Lawn Today! Discover the secret to a flawless lawn that impresses all who see it. Transform your outdoor space with Plush Lawn Grass Conditioner and relish the lush greenery that awaits you.

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Plush Lawn Grass Seed & Lawn Conditioning Mixture 1.2kg Coverage 17m2

Plush Lawn Grass Seed & Lawn Conditioning Mixture 1.2kg Coverage 17m2