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Umbrella Palm Indoor House Plant Grow Kit


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If you're looking for a statement piece that adds a tropical vibe to your home, the Umbrella Palm house plant is an ideal choice. With its vibrant green foliage and distinct umbrella-like appearance, this house plant brings a touch of exotic allure to any room. Our Umbrella Palm grow kit contains plant seeds, a stylish container, specially formulated soil, and comprehensive guidance to make growing and caring for this magnificent plant a breeze.

With our indoor houseplant grow kits, you no longer have to rely solely on your local nursery or garden centre for your green companions. Bring the joy of gardening into your own home and experience the satisfaction of watching your Creeping Philodendron and Umbrella Palm thrive. Discover the therapeutic benefits of nurturing these plants, creating a serene oasis within your living space.


Environmentally Conscious

As a company we are very conscious of the impact packaging and transport have on the environment and how it can contribute to overall pollution. So, when we got the opportunity to start up Pronto Seed, we wanted to make products that are sustainable, purposeful and close to nature.


Sustainable Gardening

At Pronto Seed we believe growing your own produce, plants and flowers is one of the most rewarding and satisfying activities you can do. We hope to offer people a starting point with our products that will encourage future generations to grow their own.


Beginner & Child Friendly

We try to set out all our grow kits so they are perfect for expert, beginners and children alike. We want to encourage families to have fun growing their own plants together.

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Umbrella Palm Indoor House Plant Grow Kit

Umbrella Palm Indoor House Plant Grow Kit