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Getting Started - Assembling the Kit
Planting Instructions
Flower Varieties


    Getting Started

    Preparing the Coir

    You will need...

    • a waterproof container
    • approx 150ml water
    • 5 coir discs (included in this kit)

    Simply place the 5 coir disks into a waterproof container. Add the 150ml water and leave to absorb. The coir will expand to 3 times its original size. Once the coir has stopped expanding, stir it round to ensure there are no hard lumps. If you need to extra water do this a little at a time. 

    Assembling your Eco-Kit

    1. Slide tabs out carefully so they are not damaged.
    2. Insert the drip tray into your stadium
    3. Slide tabs into internal slots so that they anchor securely into position then fold down the flaps where the cells will go. Doing this now will make it easier to insert the planting cells later.
    4. Your plant cells come in flat sheets of two that need to be Separated. Take care when doing this so that the cells do not tear.
    5. To create the planting cells, gently fold the 4 panels into a square with the tabs facing inwards.
    6. Slot the planting cells into your stadium. You are now ready to start growing.


    Planting Instructions

    Sow indoors January – March

    Fill plant cell half way with the prepared coir. Add 2 seeds per cell and cover over with the remaining coir. Locate to a warm place at a temperature of 18 - 21°C . Water when needed. The coir should be damp to the touch but not waterlogged. As soon as the seedlings appear, relocate to a warm windowsill out of direct sunlight at a temperature of approx 15°C. When seedlings are large enough to handle they can be transplanted in to larger pots.

    Transplanting outdoors

    Once the risk of frost has passed, harden off the plants by leaving outdoors during the day and bring in at night for one week.


    Flower Varieties

    Purple Sea Holly Flowers

    Sea Holly
    Eryngium Planum

    • Will provide shelter to pollinators
    • Blooms into early autumn
    • Thistle-like blooms
    • Growing height: 120cm
    Pink and White Cosmos Flowers

    Cosmos Bipinnatus

    • Pollen rich variety
    • Stunning pink blossoms
    • Attracts other beneficial insects
    • Growing height: 110cm
    Pink, White and Yellow Mix Rock Rose Flowers

    Rock Rose

    • Nectar rich variety
    • Blooms from late spring
    • Ideal for ground cover
    • Growing height: 15cm
    Yellow Tickseed Flowers

    Coreopsis Lanceolata

    • Daisy like flowers
    • Nectar rich flowers
    • Compact habit, ideal for containers
    • Growing height: 40cm
    Pinky Purple Lazy Daisy Flowers

    Lazy Daisy
    Aster Alpinus

    • Small compact blooms
    • Nectar rich variety
    • Low maintenance
    • Growing height: 25cm


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