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Getting Started - Assembling the Kit
Planting Instructions


    Getting Started

    Preparing the Coir

    You will need...

    • a waterproof container
    • approx 150ml water
    • 5 coir discs (included in this kit)

    Simply place the 5 coir disks into a waterproof container. Add the 150ml water and leave to absorb. The coir will expand to 3 times its original size. Once the coir has stopped expanding, stir it round to ensure there are no hard lumps. If you need to extra water do this a little at a time. 

    Assembling your Eco-Kit

    1. Slide tabs out carefully so they are not damaged.
    2. Insert the drip tray into your stadium
    3. Slide tabs into internal slots so that they anchor securely into position then fold down the flaps where the cells will go. Doing this now will make it easier to insert the planting cells later.
    4. Your plant cells come in flat sheets of two that need to be Separated. Take care when doing this so that the cells do not tear.
    5. To create the planting cells, gently fold the 4 panels into a square with the tabs facing inwards.
    6. Slot the planting cells into your stadium. You are now ready to start growing.


    Planting Instructions

    Sow indoors - all year round

    Fill plant cell half way with the prepared coir. Add a few seeds per cell and cover over with the remaining coir. Locate to a warm place and cover with a plastic bag to create humidity. Water when needed. As soon as the seedlings appear, remove the bag and relocate to a warm windowsill. Do not water if the soil is already damp – let it dry out between waterings instead.


    When seedlings are large enough to handle they can be transplanted in to larger pots. Use a fork or spoon to gently tease out individual seedlings, taking care not to damage the roots. Fill around the seedling with compost and water sparingly.



    Succulent Mixture


    This pretty succulent mixture will creep and spread over time, ideal for growing between cactus varieties. Succulents love sunlight so keep them in a sunny position where they will thrive.


    Giant Western Cactus

    Western Cactus

    Typically found in the Mexican deserts, this cactus will reach heights of up to 20 meters, making it the largest cactus variety in the world. Stems can reach up to 1 metre in diameter and will produce multiple branches.


    Golden Barrel Cactus

    Barrel Cactus

    The golden barrel cactus is native to central Mexico and is most commonly found on volcanic slopes. This variety is one of the most popular cactus varieties for growing from seed or cultivating from cuttings.


    Miniature Cactus Mixture

    Cactus Mixture

    This cute little collection of mini cactus varieties are ideal for growing indoors and creating a miniature cactus display. Some varieties will produce flowers once established in shades of yellow and pink.


    Clumping Barrel Cactus

    Barrel Cactus

    This barrel cactus will grow in a cluster and will form a mound of thick rigid shoots. The cactus will be densely armed with rigid yellow and red spikes and can reach heights of up to 1 metre.


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