Get your grass growing with Speedy Seed™!

Our Speedy Seed™ Original Grass Seed Shaker is a fast-acting grass and lawn seed containing a is a mixture of annual & perennial ryegrass.

Sown correctly, this miracle grass seed can create a full lawn within 10 days as well as quickly restore bare patches in your garden.

1 box of 1.4kg Speedy Seed™ covers up to 84 square metres when overseeding or 64 square meters for a new lawn. It’s been DEFRA APPROVED to ensure its high quality, hard-wearing, deep-rooted, highly acclaimed & rigorously tested as fast-growing & weed resistant grass.

Our Grass Seed also comes in an easy to use cardboard shake boxes, for a simple and even distribution!

Below we have outlined tips and tricks for using our Speedy Seed™ correctly and picked out our favourite reviews from the POB Amazon UK store!


For me Speedy Seed lived up to it's name
UK -  8 July 2020
Looking to re-seed some brown patches in my lawn. After considering various products, opted for Speedy Seed. I have been delighted with the results. Prepared the brown patches by giving them a vigorous rake, peppered the area with holes using a garden fork, raked again to form a fine soil base, watered, then applied the seed by hand. Covered the seeded area with peat (containing moisture retaining granules) flattened the area with the back of a spade and watered with a hosepipe using a very fine spray. Weather was then in my favour for the next two days, drizzling rain and overcast. Next two days were dry and sunny, so watered the patches again with a fine spray on both days. Next three days had rain and sun across all three days. Day eight, evidence of the seed germinating on all the areas. Very impressed so far. I am not naturally green fingered but sticking to the instructions and spreading the seed by hand, I am pleased with the outcome.


UK -  27 July 2020
I live in a flat and originally the garden was split in 2. Upstairs never looked after their half leading to it being flooded with Ivy and nettles. Having 2 kids and a tiny garden i took it back over and I have to say i was wanting to turf the lawn after spending months and months killing ivy and other weeds and then all the digging over etc.. i was fed up i didn't want to do anymore but im glad i did seed it. My photos are from just before I threw down the seed until first mow 3 weeks later. So impressed and really glad I did it.

Very impressed
UK -  29 April 2020
I'm not a gardener but recently took out border in my front garden to grass it for low maintenance. I didn't really expect much from the price, but thought it would be worth a shot and I can't believe the results in ONE WEEK 😮😮👍


Top product
UK -  3 May 2020
That grass was just mud 3weeks who! Absolutely amazing seed!! Do the prep properly and use this seed & the results are amazing!



Ready to use our Speedy Seed™ Original Grass Seed Shaker?

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  1. Sow from March to early October, watering well when the weather is dry.
  2. Before sowing, break up all clods and remove any weeds, stones and leaves.
  3. Rake the soil to a depth of 8-10cm, the soil should resemble a fine breadcrumb in texture. 


  1. Divide the area that you want to sow into easily manageable sections. A soft, warm, moist, soil is best for seed germination.
  2. Shake the seed mixture evenly over the area. Seed rate: 1.4kg per 42m².
  3. Rake the seeds lightly to ensure they make contact with the soil and are evenly spread.
  4. Water well with a light spray. Keep the soil moist until new lawn is well-rooted but take care not to wash seeds away!
  5. When the grass reaches approximately 8cm high mow for the first time.


  1. Mow the grass as short as possible.
  2. Rake out dead and dry grass cuttings and remove patches of moss.
  3. Shake the seed mixture evenly over the area. Seed rate: 1.4kg per 84m².
  4. Rake the seeds lightly to ensure they make contact with the soil and are evenly spread.
  5. Water well daily with a light spray and keep soil moist until first mowing.
  6. When the grass reaches approximately 8cm high mow for the first time.


    • We recommend using a lawn fertiliser a few weeks after the seeds have started to grow to encourage a strong healthy lawn.
    • For maximum results, store in a cool dry place and use within the season of purchase.
    • Sow seeds when the risk of frost has passed. Frost will stop the germination process.
    • Do not eat grass seed!
    • Remember that birds like to eat grass seed, protect your lawn with netting or like while seeds are germinating.


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